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fire to the prisons

Misc. Anarchist, Political Prisoner, and Direct Action News Sites

Bombs and Shields

Bite Back: Militant Animal Liberation
Direct Action Blog and Magazine:

325 Blog
Mostly Water

Multi-Lingual Anarchist-Info Resource
Break the Chains

Anarchist Distros and Periodicals

Fire to the Prisons
Quiver Distro

A Murder of Crows Magazine

Black and Green Distro and Species Traitor Book
Green Anarchy Magazine and Distro

Eberhardt Press: Autonomous Anarchist Book Publisher

Rolling Thunder: An Anarchist Journal of Dangerous Living
Liberation Projects/Total Destruction Zine
Elephant Editions

Institute for Experimental Freedom
Modesto Anarcho
Little Black Cart
2 Anti-Prison Projects from Montreal Anarchist Black Cross NatterJack press

Online Radical Text Archives

Do or Die: Voices from the Ecological Resistance.
Excerpts from the now defunct periodical.

Quiver Zine PDF Archive and Feral Faun Reading Library
Green Anarchist Infoshop
People’s History

Insurrectionary Anarchist of the Coast Salish Territory

Reading Library


Prisoner Support and
Anti-Prison Projects

North American Earth Liberation Prisoner Support

Earth Liberation Prisoner Support (UK)

Anarchist Black Cross Network

Prison Activist Resource Center

Writing Prisoners: How To

NYC Jericho Movement

Green Scare

Brighton Anarchist Black Cross

ABC Mailing Locations

Shoelacetown Anarchist Black Cross
P.O. Box 8085
Paramus, NJ07652 USA
Boston Anarchist Black Cross
P.O. Box 230182
Boston, MA 02123-0182 USA
Chicago Anarchist Black Cross
P.O. Box 1544
Chiacgo, IL 60690 USA
Houston Anarchist Black Cross
P.O. Box 667614
Houston, TX 77266-7614 USA
Arawak City Anarchist Black Cross
P.O. Box 4627
Columbus, OH 43210 USA
New York City Anarchist Black Cross

North American Indigenous Solidarity

Friends of Grassy Narrows: Indigenous Solidarity Blog

NO 2010 Olympics on Stolen Land!

Six Nations Reclamation

Black Mesa Indigenous Support

Save the Peaks Coalition

Native Youth Media/Redwire Magazine

Support Sutikalh!

South Pacific Indigenous Solidarity (out of date, but good information)

Security Resources and Legal Advice

Just Cause Law Collective

Security, Privacy, and Anonymity for Autonomy

Midnight Special Law Collective

National Lawyers Guild: Legal Resources Available throughout Site

Civil Liberties Defense Center

Anonymous Internet Communication System

Scroogle: Anonymous Searching

Hack this Site

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Llavor D’Anarquia | an insurrectionary anarchist quarterly