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fire to the prisons


325: an insurgent magazine of social war and anarchy
(current issues only) $3

At Daggers Drawn: with the existent, itís defenders, and itís false critics $2

Armed Joy
Inspiring Insurrectionary Anarchist text that author Alfredo Bonnano served 18 months in Italian prison for writing $2

Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention
Insurrectionary proposals from Wolfi Landstreicher $2

Down with the Empire, Up with the Spring!
Proposals for an insurgent eco-anarchist resistance. $3

Feral Revolution
A compilation of passionate and insurrectionary rants and polemics against reality as we know it. $3

Rebels Dark Laughter
Insurrectionary ranting from 1920s author Bruno Fillipi $3

Toward the Creative Nothing
Egoist rants from 1920s author Renzo Navatore $3

Locked Up By Alfredo Bonanno
An account of prison experiences, and a proposal for the utter destruction of prisons and a culture that approves of them. $3

Grassroots Political Militants
An inspiring description of the French riots from Mute magazine. $3

Progress Can Kill: By Survival International Group
Exposing the effects modernityís progress and development on native peoples. $3

Flaming Arrows
A compilation of writings of Indigenous and Ecological warrior Rod Coronado. $10 (5 dollars in bulk orders 3 and up)

Black Mask and Up Against the Wall Motherfucker
Describing the projects and actions conducted by the two 2 groups in the 60s. $1

Security Handbook
A compilation of articles and proposals for a resistance defended from repression by a strong and healthy sense of security. $5

Against the Logic of Submission By Wolfi Landstreicher
Polemics against the logic of compliance. $2

Beat The Heat
Tips to handle everyday encounters with the police., $6

Night of Rage
Written in response to the reoccurring riots in France. $3 | an insurrectionary anarchist quarterly